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As a Santa Barbara/Los Angeles California wedding videography company, we are Like A Letter. We are here to capture every moment of your wedding day. A wedding video is timeless, just like a letter.



Who are we?


Tye, graduated from Brooks Institute of Film and Photography in Santa Barbara, California, to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in professional photography. Moriah received her Bachelors in Fine Art in Photography in Texas and since joining the team, has been nothing but amazing. She loves the beauty of editing and sees each story as little pieces of art, crafting every clip together to eventually build a personal masterpiece. Ever since Tye launched Like A Letter while still in school, he has been continuously shooting and striving to create videos that bring joy, love and inspire others. Tye being go-getter, and Moriah having the creative heart, have created a unstoppable husband/wife team. Their passion for cinematic storytelling, has motivated them to pursue and perfect a wedding videography business that gains nothing but satisfied clients. 

Even videographers have wedding films. Here is our wedding film edited by us and shot by our friends Cloudless Weddings.


What is Like a Letter?

Like A Letter is a full service wedding videography company, based out of Santa Barbara, California. They travel around the country and world with the privilege of capturing the emotion, beauty and celebration that is so evident at a wedding.  Like A Letter is in the business of storytelling, and we believe that the purest and most powerful stories are love stories. This is our name sake. We want to be "like a letter" you wrote to the love of your life; genuine, heartfelt, and timeless in the sense that we want to capture moments in time that you will never forget.

What do we strive most for?

Our aim is to accurately and beautifully capture your love story, because it doesn’t just end when you leave the reception. We want you to grow in love as you re-watch and share this monumental day for years to come. 


We would love to hear from you. Please contact us through our Mail Us page.