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As a Santa Barbara/Los Angeles California wedding videography company, we are Like A Letter. We are here to capture every moment of your wedding day. A wedding video is timeless, just like a letter.

Client Investment - Elopement

Our Why

Every couple is different which means every wedding is different. Some elope, some have 500+ guest. It doesn't matter which categories our clients fall into, we hear time and time again how their wedding film was the best piece of their wedding they got to walk away with. This has inspired us to want to provide a compact, yet versatile option for all here or thereAs a young married couple who has filmed hundreds of weddings we know how challenging it is to put together a trustworthy team to best capture your wedding day. Well, we fully believe in the importance of love stories and in particularly your wedding, because it is one of the greatest days in your love story. To insure that you have the best possible wedding film, we have refined a system to capture your unique wedding no matter how you have it structured. Because as visual story tellers, we want you to have 100% confidence that we will create a beautiful, original, full-hearted, passionate, timeless love story. 

That is why we are Like a Letter; to preserve your day in film as the love letter it truly is.

Elopement Bundle

  • 4 hours of coverage.

  • 2 - 3 minute 4K elopement film. Edited to one fully licensed song.

  • Three 4k UHD cameras.

  • Full ceremony edit, filmed with 3 cameras.

  • Two videographers, Tye and Moriah, Husband/Wife team.

This bundle is specifically designed for intimate elopements only.

$2500 Monday - Thursday

$3000 Friday - Sunday


Drone coverage. $400

Raw uncut footage from your wedding. $400

Rehearsal dinner coverage. $1500

Love story - 3-5 minute film shot and edited before your wedding day. $2000 (fee may vary depending on circumstance)


We want to be able to capture your wedding no matter where it is located, but to do so we have basic travel fees we want you to be aware of.

Fee includes (if needed) - 

55 cents a mile over 75 mile of driving.

Hotel night before and after wedding if over 100 miles. 

Plane ticket for two both ways.

Car rental if traveling by plane to destination.

$400 per travel day.